Monday, January 23, 2012

Final Walk Through!

Well we are T-minus 3 days away from closing!

We had our final walk through today with our project manager! 

We learned the ins-and-outs of the house and I cannot wait to move in already!  I am so blessed and couldn't help but look around and want to start crying, just thinking "this is mine"!  The house is so beautiful and is perfect!  Looking back I would not have done a single thing different!

Lately, I have been having folks ask if I will continue to blog after this process is over.  I have not decided just yet, as I am unsure what I would even blog about.  I am already thinking of DIY restoring oldies into goodies, or maybe something about baking and sharing recips!  We will see after how the move in process goes, and then maybe, just maybe I will rejoin the blogging world!  Until then, each week I enjoyed sharing the progress, and welcoming all of your feedback!  I am not signing out just yet, so stay tuned to hear how the closing process goes!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The finishing touches

Our building process has reached the finishing touches!!!

The other day the painter was there doing all of the touch up work and our countertops have been installed, along with the fixtures and toilets!  Our carpet will be the last thing that goes in before closing.

I couldn't be happier with how the santa cecilia looks with our cabinets!  We stuck with black appliances and I just think it will look wonderful!

Our half bathroom downstairs!  Everything about this room is adorable!  The sink, the mirror and fixture... I love it all!

Our bathroom with the Uba Tuba granite!  The granite ties in with our listello perfectly!

Today we spent the day purchasing our appliances.  This shopping process was very stressful and deffinately struck tension.  Luckily, our last stop, which was Sears, happened to be having their Friends & Family event with an additional 15% your appliance purchase!  We got the fridge we wanted at the best deal possible!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Almost done....!!!!

I hope everyone has a great holiday season and are ready to kick-off the New Year!!!

Since last time, once again, the crew has been busy at it.  These blogs should be two seperate postings with all of the work they have gotten done, but it just means more photos, and well, those are the best part anyways!

Our cabinets have been birthed out of their boxes and look amazing all drilled in!!!

Here is a few views of our kitchen
Next, is a photo of our guest bathroom upstairs

You probably notice there is a counter top here, that is because we stuck with standard fermica.  To have granite for this bathroom was about $300  and we knew we could shop it and get it cheaper through a handy man. 

Next is our master bathroom, where we extended the cherry cabinets
This will be topped with the uba tuba granite and his and hers sinks!

All of the above was done one day.... here is what has happened since then......

We are under lock and key, finally!  Yay!

Now we are tying in all the odds and ends.  All the little things that bring a smile! 

We have door knobs!!! This is quite commical to me, you would never think door knobs would be so exciting, but if you have built a house I guess you understand, lol.

My beloved banister!!!!  Since it has been installed I just can't get over how much I love it.  I am kind of wishing I had this done upstairs instead of the solid wall, but I guess it is something that can be done later down the road if I really wanted it.

We have shower heads and faucets!!!!  I will probably swap these out over the year.  I really want a rain shower head for the master bathroom and something more antique looking for the bathtub.

Master bathroom lighting

The infamous foyer light.  This fixture really is HUGE, the photo does not do it justice.

Small porch light.  I think this is just adorable!

Our sprinkler system all installed and ready for the sod!

And lastly, our driveway!!!!!!

So you are probably thinking the same things as me.  YOUR ALMOST DONE!!!!! It has been such an exciting road.  I feel so blessed to have had the privelege to build our first home.  We have received our closing dates and they are as follows. 

Completion of house: January 19th
Final walk through: January 23rd
Closing: January 26th

Then we start moving in!!!!!!!