Sunday, October 30, 2011

Covergirl or Maybeline? Either way, we are framed and ready for foundation!!!!

The process is moving along very nicely.  Our neighbors already know us by our vehicle with how often we drive out to the lot!!

We are framed and ready for foundation!!! YAY!!!!!  It was so nice to walk the framing and imagine where each room will be. 

Next step, they have to put all of the pipe and water lines in before they can pour cement.  But from the looks of it they are right on schedule!

I am trying to enjoy each step of progress because I know after this it moves quickly.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We struck gold, well dirt, but it feels like gold!!!!!

With much anticipation of October 26th being our start date, it was only expected that I would drive out the day before to make sure the city removed the trees, and they did!!!  I arrived while they were still leveling our land. 

*we are the lot to the right with the tractor on it*

They were able to save two of the trees on our lot, which will be in the back yard.  I am so excited and LOVE them.  They had to remove the two that would have been to the right of the lot due to underground rooting extending too deep would effect the foundation of the house.  Our PM said we would eventually end up having to cut them out, so to let the builder pay for it now, versus us later.

This moment has restruck the excitement, and I feel like a homeowner again.  With all the pushing back, it was almost like I forgot that I bought a house.  We met our future neighbors last night also, who are building next to us.  We are going through the process together and share the excitement.  They are great people and our personalities clicked right away; I couldn't have asked for better neighbors!

They say from here the process moves right along!  Buckle up and enjoy the ride to our new house!!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pre-Con Meeting

Well, we are moving along.... slowly but surely!

We had our pre-construction meeting the other day to finalize our last details.

Originally, we were supposed to break ground October 19.  Apparently they have sold so many homes, collectively amongst all communities, they have gone over the limit they are allowed to start so many homes at one time.  Therefore, our start date has been pushed back 10 days to October 29th.  They promised it wouldn't affect our delivery date and we should still be on track, so lets hope they stick to their words!

The city should be out soon to clear the trees that have to go, so stay tuned, photos to come!