Friday, September 2, 2011

Breaking Ground

We had our second meeting today with the builders.  We had a chance to make any last decisions, talked about the new window revisions (Thanks New build noob ;) ), and make our second deposit.

With all the excitement of building and being first time home buyers, I have the urge to drive down to the homesite every day to see if any progress has been made, so to avoid the feeling of disappointment I asked point blank when our anticipated breaking ground date is.

Drum roll please......!!!!!

October 19th!!!!!!!

So, just about a month and a half, and I am sure time will fly by!


BD said...

LOL...the time will seem to drag until that first shovel full of dirt moves...then it will fly. Relax and enjoy the small break till you break ground...after that everything will happen at such a fast pace you won't be able to keep up with it all.

HW said...

Good news!!! This is such and exciting time. We look forward to following you through your journey. GL

Sarah said...

time does fly by, and it goes so quickly once they do break ground!! Good luck and keep us all posted!

New Build Noob said...

YAY can't wait! That time before ground break takes (what feels) like forever and then its as fast as can be after!

What did they say about the windows, Im dieing to know?!?! Probably "because of one pain in the ass we have...we are now changing all the windows ..." LOL

Jay and Danielle said...

Wow! Well, let me be the first to tell you, we were suppose to break ground last month, and they did not get started until today! It can definitely be frustrating, but keep smiling! We look forward to following you!