Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pre-Con Meeting

Well, we are moving along.... slowly but surely!

We had our pre-construction meeting the other day to finalize our last details.

Originally, we were supposed to break ground October 19.  Apparently they have sold so many homes, collectively amongst all communities, they have gone over the limit they are allowed to start so many homes at one time.  Therefore, our start date has been pushed back 10 days to October 29th.  They promised it wouldn't affect our delivery date and we should still be on track, so lets hope they stick to their words!

The city should be out soon to clear the trees that have to go, so stay tuned, photos to come!

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New Build Noob said...

I was thinking about you guys when I drove by today. Have you been through ours lately? I hope so since I found out today we are LOCKED OUT :( lol That stinks they had to pus it back. I know they are crazy busy lately. I think Misty said she has sold 7 more in our community! Crazy! When are they projecting the finish date? They never told us untill a week after our dry-wall metting!