Sunday, August 7, 2011


Our house hunting began in 2010, spending endless nights looking on and watching HGTV for hours.  Ready and willing to take the dive last year, we were faced with the challenge of repairing our credit, we set our minds to it and conquered our scores.  One evening last July, our good friends Ryan and Jenn came home and shared their excitement about the Historic Winter Garden area and the new development named Covington Chase.  Out of pure curiosity and enjoying our day off, Chris and I drove out to that area the next day.  Immediately we understood their excitement and fell in love with the area, too.  Although the idea of new construction was definitely appealing, we still wanted to explore our options of pre-existing homes.  We explored short sale options with crayon decorated walls and houses that would need complete remodels.  Needless to say, considering what the developer was offering brand new was just as comparable and competitive to what was existing and what we would have to upgrade on our own.

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