Sunday, August 7, 2011


We took the dive into first time home buying!!!  We met with Ryan Homes yesterday and signed our purchase order!  We are so excited to share this adventure with our friends and family.  After much deliberation on the lot selection we are thrilled with the one we chose. 

We are walking distance to the community pool, have 50 year old oaks that will provide great shade and landscaping and we will be the house at the T-intersection of the street.... no staring at "joe schmoe" tinkering on a car every day!

We got to put the sold sticker on our lot (which you can see in the photo). Our new chapter remains unwritten... join us as we take the pen to the paper and start the new chapter of our lives!

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New Build Noob said...

YAAAY!!! OMG your my neighbor!!! Welcome to Covington Chase!! Congrats on signing your contract ...and welcome to our e-neighborhood as well!