Friday, August 19, 2011

Design.... not on a dime!

My favorite shows to watch lately is basically anything on HGTV so it was only predictable I was looking forward to this day.......

We had our appointment with the design center yesterday, and I have to say..... I love my house already and we haven't even broke ground yet!!!!!!!  Our design coordinator made it very stress-free and helped guide us to our decisions.  She noticed early on our style and her oppinions were very beneficial.

For our kitchen cabinets we originally chose this combo
BUT.... after going to Rooms to Go to look at furniture an interior designer mentioned she saw a pink undertone.  Right away my heart started to race and the last thing I wanted my kitchen to look like was and old Florida pink kitchen from the 80's. 

Well, originally we wanted a nice cherry cabinet, but it was a little out of our budget.  After reviewing our decisions, and doing some research on kitchen remodels, we heard your kitchen gets torn apart, it's impossible to live in, and is very expensive. SO, we made the decision to get what we wanted now at what is more affordable than later.... Sooooo, this is our combo for our kitchen

And I LOVE IT!!!!!!
**We will have black appliances which will compliment the little black specs in the granite; and the cabinets will be upgraded to 42"**

Next, we designed our guest bathroom......
The tile to the right is more of a creme, (the picture doesn't do it justice) which will go around the walls.  The little brown squares just above is what's called a "listello", basically a border, will help add a visual  and give more character to the shower; you can see the grout we chose, as well.  The counter top is a formica granite looking.  (we decided since we wont be using it that much, we can upgrade down the road to real granite for cheaper than what the builder was quoting us. )

Next, our island oasis, daily retreat from reality, our master bathroom!!  I wanted to go for a very soothing, spa like feel.  We went with the his and hers sinks, a soaking tub with jets and a walk in shower.  We are extending the cherry cabinets to our bathroom and topped it with a darker granite called Ubatuba

Our set up will look like the photo below, with a similar wall tile and floor tile.

(this is the design center)

Our listello will be these colors
(which is a mixture of glass and slate)
BUT.....instead of checkerboard, they will be in this pattern....

We were lucky our appointment was on the day it was.  They had just changed their carpeting options, so we were able to get a nicer quality carpet that used to be an upgrade 4, but we got it at an upgrade 1, saving over half the cost of its original price!!!!

We are so excited about our decisions and can't wait to see it all finished!!!


Bukes said...

I love the spa feel of the bathroom. Very elegant.

New Build Noob said...

I LOVE your tile!! That wasn't available when I picked mine :( Hopefully I can switch it. Im also VERY jealous of your tub! Thats one change we wanted to make but they wouldn't let us.

Did you get the bonus room or luxury suite?

Noey814 said...

Welcome to our Ryan E-neighborhood!! =)

I LOVE your choices!! We kinda did the same thing in the kitchen. We picked one set of cabinets, but after research, decided to get what we REALLY wanted because I didn't want to tear it all out later. I have moved in less than month ago and I am SOOOO happy we did the switch to what we knew in our hearts we really wanted all along.

Plus, with the saving money in carpet, it's kinda like you could say that money went toward the cabinets! (hon, I can move money! lol)

I really do love your choices! I'm looking forward to following you (once I can find the follow button)! Again, welcome!

The Bukers said...

Leslie- Thanks! Lets hope the vision becomes a reality!

Noob- We love the tile too! It adds a nice touch! We weren't originally going to get the tub, but I watch enough house hunters to know people want those when it comes to resale.... so we went all out and got the jets, too!

Noey- Thanks for the warm welcome! we are excited!

Noey814 said...

Hon, do you have something in your settings set so we can't follow you? You don't have a follow button. =(

Also, be sure to check out some of the other Ryan Bloggers' blogs. You may find some good information there.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. That's what we're here for! =) We're all excited for you!