Sunday, October 30, 2011

Covergirl or Maybeline? Either way, we are framed and ready for foundation!!!!

The process is moving along very nicely.  Our neighbors already know us by our vehicle with how often we drive out to the lot!!

We are framed and ready for foundation!!! YAY!!!!!  It was so nice to walk the framing and imagine where each room will be. 

Next step, they have to put all of the pipe and water lines in before they can pour cement.  But from the looks of it they are right on schedule!

I am trying to enjoy each step of progress because I know after this it moves quickly.


Gina K. said...

Very cool. Probably lots happening at your place this week. Hope you all have good weather.

Sgt.Rich said...

Sounds like you and I are about neck and neck. If all goes well, we will both see framing this week!

The Bukers said...

Gina- I am crossing fingers for good weather too. I woke up to rain early this morning :( Time to make calls to Mother Nature and let her know nows not the time to act up!

Sgt. Rich- I hope to see framing this week!! Good luck to US!!