Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We struck gold, well dirt, but it feels like gold!!!!!

With much anticipation of October 26th being our start date, it was only expected that I would drive out the day before to make sure the city removed the trees, and they did!!!  I arrived while they were still leveling our land. 

*we are the lot to the right with the tractor on it*

They were able to save two of the trees on our lot, which will be in the back yard.  I am so excited and LOVE them.  They had to remove the two that would have been to the right of the lot due to underground rooting extending too deep would effect the foundation of the house.  Our PM said we would eventually end up having to cut them out, so to let the builder pay for it now, versus us later.

This moment has restruck the excitement, and I feel like a homeowner again.  With all the pushing back, it was almost like I forgot that I bought a house.  We met our future neighbors last night also, who are building next to us.  We are going through the process together and share the excitement.  They are great people and our personalities clicked right away; I couldn't have asked for better neighbors!

They say from here the process moves right along!  Buckle up and enjoy the ride to our new house!!!!!


Kathy said...

Hi Jessica and Chris,

It was so great meeting you both! I think we will really enjoy having you as our future neighbors!:) It's also nice having another couple to share our excitement and concerns with. We are so relieved to finally see things start and hoping in the end we will have two beautiful homes which we both love in a place where we create wonderful memories! Best of luck to you both as we all embark upon this great journey. See you soon!:)

New Build Noob said...

YAY!! I was so excited to see them working on your lot! It will go so quick now. I can't believe Im closing tomorrow!!! YIKES!

BD said...

Congratulations on finally getting started...the foundation piece seems to plod along due to the inspections that have to take place, but once the framing starts it flys...Enjoy the process and it is great to have neighbors to share it with.

The Bukers said...

Noob- SO excited for you!!!! Now you can watch our progress regularly. LOL.

BD- Thanks for the kind words!! I am being patient with this process because I know they need inspections, and its the most important! I don't want my house to collapse! LOL