Monday, December 19, 2011

It's coming together!

So what did I say, the boys had their work cut out for them today, and they certainly didn't disappoint!  I wasn't going to drive out to the house until Wednesday, and my hubby got off work and teased me with a photo after driving by the house!

Immediately when this popped up on my screen I said, "oh god" and my office buddy turned around and said "oh, it's pink!"... well, I didn't pick piink!!!  Not that there is anything wrong with painting your house pink, we just don't live in the 80's anymore. 

Here is the color scheme I picked out.....

So, after I got off of work I drove out to the house immediately.  This is how the house photographed after the sun went down.

It looks a lot more like the color scheme I chose.  I am hoping it was a mixture of the sunlight, and my husbands camera, that is the reason it looked the way it did in the first photo.  Either way, it is just paint, and can be redone in the future, if needed!

Regardless, I cannot express enough how exciting this was to see the house painted!  Each day I get more and more happy, and fall more and more in love with our decisions!  Here are some photos of what they got done inside......

Baseboards, Yippie!  There were a few rooms not quite complete, so I should expect to see that done tomorrow.

Our banister getting the stain work done to dry over nite.  We picked a darker stain to compliment the cabinets in the kitchen!  Can't wait until this is installed, it is really going to make our waterfall staircase look very grand!

Lastly, all of the doors got installed.  Here is a view of our study with our french door upgrade!  The windows will be clear, don't worry, it won't look like we are snowed in!

Stay tuned everyone, it only gets better from here!


Gina K. said...

Yeah, I wouldn't like pink either. Hope it is just a trick of the camera and the light. Looks good so far.

Casey said...

After seeing your post I was surprised to see that they had installed my banister today without being stained first.

The outside looks great, hopefully the color is actually what you had in mind and just photographed differently.