Monday, December 5, 2011

Quick update!

Happy Monday
Happy Birthday to Mr. Walt Disney!

This morning we had our meeting with our project manager to do a final walk through of the house before they start dry wall and stucco.  This was our opportunity to ask questions, express concerns, and take photos for the future.  I would have to say all-in-all it went really well!  No big concerns or questions, and any we did have they were already on top of it. 

We have our inspection today of the electrical work.  As soon as that all passes, word on the street is that drywall will start hopefully this Friday, and the team works through into Saturday.  We found out with two story homes the stucco has to wait until the drywall is in.  Since the second floor is wood, the vibrations would knock off the stucco... makes sense!

After these processes are complete, we will know our closing date! YAY!!  From there we will be in our final 30 days and will get to lock in our interest rate and get ready to sign our lives away!

No photos for today :( everything looks the same except for wires everywhere.  Stay tuned, the exciting stuff will be happening shortly!

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