Thursday, December 8, 2011

What a pleasant SURPRISE!!!

Okay, so I couldn't ask for a better end-of-semester gift!!!!  We had our walk through with our PM on Monday morning and he informed us that we would drywall Friday and Saturday.  Well.... our neighbors Kathy and James posted that we had a surprise for us!!!!!  Check it out!!!!!
We have drywall!!!!!!!!

Master bedroom, tray ceiling (LOVE it!!!! probably one of my FAVE upgrades of the house!)

Master bathroom, pre tile and listello... another big LOVE upgrade! Can't wait to soak in the spa tub with jets!

view from the master bedroom down the hall to the bonus room... check out that arch!

view from the corner family room, looking into the kitchen and dinette.... LOVE my island!!!!

Annndddd, my waterfall staircase.... we will have a banister on the left hand side, which I can't wait for!!!

We should expect to get all sealed up and then stucco this weekend.  Before you know it, you will see my granite and countertops!!!! Yay!!!  What a great end of semester SURPRISE!!!!

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Gina K. said...

I love your waterfall stairs. Seeing walls up always makes it seem more real to me. It actually looks like a real house at that point. I bet things will start flying along now!