Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I think Nemo meant to say, "Just keep digging, just keep digging"!

It's so exciting to drive out to the lot on a daily basis and see all the progress!  My neighbor told us we are going to burn out the roads with all of our visits... LOL

So I think I figured out they have started three houses at the same time, mine being one of those three.  The other two had their piping in, but they ended the day on our lot digging the tunnels for our pipes.  At first I had a little temper-tantrum because I wanted our lot to be at the same progress.  But after eating some humble pie I realized how detailed and long it must take to do the piping.  I imagine it's not a project where they just throw them in the ground and say "there I'm done".  There is probably  a lot of schematics behind it all.  If all goes well this week I am hoping that they are laying cement to set for the weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed everyone!!!

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