Sunday, December 18, 2011


Today was a glorious day in the world of house building! 
We are stucco'd finally!

I was so excited to see they got this part of the process done!  I can't wait until they paint all the detail work and door!  If you look closely in the garage you can see the team has their work cut out for them tomorrow!

All of our doors and door frame work

Our french doors for the study and the frame work for those doors

Our base boards and rods for our banister.  I am really excited to see the banister when it is installed and finished!


And now for a few additional photos of the inside,
my favorite part!

This is the view from the front door.  Our coat closet to the right, staircase and our 3-door sliders wide open.  The breeze that comes through is amazing!  I can't wait to open up the doors during the beautiful Spring weather!  From this entrance if you look to the left, you will enter our study through our french doors.  Then to the right is our formal dining room.

In this photo I am standing in the back corner of our dinnette.  Our kitchen island to the left, and looking into our family room!  If you look closely you can see something sticking up from the ground, that is our custom floor outlet addition!  Don't worry... it WILL be flush to the ground, I made sure to ask!

Some detail work in the stucco.  The color schemes will offset and highlight this detail work.

This week  we should expect to get painted and see the installation of all the doors, and garage!  Can't wait!

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Gina K. said...

The detail work is nice. Can't wait to see all the trim.