Thursday, November 10, 2011

Excuse me while I vent....

I think I got a little ahead of myself this week.  Of course everything was just moving along too smoothly!  Almost too smoothly you would be worried.  Getting caught up in the moment, I excused the little flags saying "warning" and convinced myself this is how things should go.

If you are up to date with our progress then you would know we got our first floor yesterday (yay!), now it's not like I was expecting the second floor to be up today.  Remember, they are doing three houses at once, and going in order.  I wasn't even expecting progress today.  I figure there has to be some sort of inspection, as there should be....

However, what has worried me was a simple observation I made....  My future neighbors, whom are awesome might I add, got a lumber delivery about a week and a half ago... even the existing neighbors thought something was off, or that it was very premature for that.  After driving the neighborhood earlier in the week I noticed the other house had their lumber delivered. 

Can you see where I am going with this??? 

Our neighbors got there second floor today, yay!!!!!!  It looks awesome too!!!  But with all of this going on, and the little progress they made today, I am wondering,


I reached out to the builder to get some answers, so hopefully it is on its way, or maybe on another lot.... I don't think my curiosity is too far fetched, and it is definitely justifiable.  So hopefully we will either have answers or have some lumber!

Until next time!


SCJ said...

I've seen lumber arrive and then sit around on the site for weeks before framing starts, and then I've seen lumber arrive and framing start immediately. Maybe your floor plan is better than the one your neighbor chose, so it is taking a little longer to prepare all the pieces.

New Build Noob said...

I believe it got delivered tonight! Looks like there's another pile on your lot that wasn't there earlier! :) (fingers crossed)

The Bukers said...

Noob- There was a delivery, it looks like it might be the roof and possibley the inside frame work! Now we just need them to deliver the supporting walls!!!