Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Frame work, what a beautiful thing!

Good morning!!! Welcome back!

Just a quick update.... my hubby and I drove out to the lot last night so he could see the progress.  Well the team ended up staying later than I thought they would.  Last night they had the crane come in and on went the roof!  In addition to the roof they got most of the downstairs frame work done and started upstairs!  Check out the photos!

This is our staircase to the upstairs.  The bottom of it is not complete yet.  It will waterfall out to the right and have a stained banister with railing.

Here I am checking out my island I have always wanted!  Can't wait to see the finished product!

This is my pantry!!!  I do wish it was a bigger walk in pantry.  But I have enough cabinet space this will be just fine!

Lastly, check out the final product!

I know it is a little dark outside.  But I love it!  I couldn't stop smiling!  Yesterday was our 3 year anniversary and this was the best gift I could have ever asked for!


Jaz-mar Photography said...

When it's all done, we are going to have to do a photo session and get a nice big Gallery Wrap mounted on one of those walls! :) Congrats on your new season!

The Bukers said...

David what a great idea!! Maybe I could give you gas money to drive up here! The town of old winter garden is great for photos and so is the park down the road!

Tamis said...

OMG - I cannot believe the progress in these past few weeks. Wow!! From a couple of huge trees to walls and foundation. Well, I can smell those burger grilling on the 4th of July already...YUM! And isn't that a "Tiffany" throwing shadows on the walls? Grand Job you guys..