Saturday, November 12, 2011

New arrival

As part of my daily routine, we drove out to the lot last night and found this on the front yard......
Yay!!! It looks to be either the roof, or the framing, or maybe a combination of both.  Still no site of the framing for the walls, so hopefully they will be here by Monday. 

My smart husband figured out how the process is going.  They started on our neighbors, went down to the single floor house, put the roof on, came back to our neighbors to finish, and then will bang ours out in one day.  So hopefully sometime next week I will have more exciting stuff to blog about!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Brandy said...

I look forward to seeing progress on your home! How exciting!!

The Bukers said...

Hi Brandy! Thank you!!! We are suposed to get our exterior walls for the second floor today. Hopefully they get right to work and I will have exciting photos to post later!