Sunday, November 20, 2011

What a pane in my house!

My hubby and I drove out to the house today after taking two days off.  We were very pleased with what we saw!
The top floor is wrapped, the roof is prepped and we have windows!!

The frame work is all done and I am so excited for what is to come!  Soon we should be expecting the piping installed upstairs, along with the duct work throughout the house.  It won't be long after until we see drywall arrive for installation!

On a side note, originally Ryan's had installed the wrong windows in Noobs house, remember that fiasco?!  Well I noticed something interesting.  All of the front windows have the 6 over 6 windows, however, the remainder of the windows throughout are all 2 over 2.  No big deal for me, but I thought this was a little inconsistent and interesting.

Enjoy some photos below of the stand out favorites we enjoyed today!

LOVE the sliders!!!  3 doors width, I'm in love.  Look how you can either push them all the way over, or gather them in the middle!


The hubby enjoying our staircase!


Our awesome back yard and covered lanai!  I love how big it is!  You can't see the oak trees in this view, but they are just behind me, which our yard extends another 5ft beyond.  Notice the hubby off to the left exploring ideas... We are talking about creating a deck in the voided space on the corner of the house!  Oh the possibilities!!!


New Build Noob said...

I thought I saw you!!! Yes they go cheap on the ret of the windows. We were thinking of doing a balcony back there too. It's our bedroom so we figure a balcony or bay window. Also take LOTS of pics of framing and electrical. I lots my phone and all my pic and my dad in law ended up drilling through an electrical wire. DOH! Lol

Jay and Danielle said...

A deck would definitely look nice, and your back yard is huge!