Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We have a second floor!!!!

So after my last post about our mysterious lumber, slowly but surely everything started to arrive.....

Our wood got dropped yesterday morning, so accordingly I thought they might have started, well being a creature of habit, of course I drove out there yesterday. 

Our roofing and framing here in the front, and our sheet wood was delivered to the rear. 

 Low and behold there was no progress, out materials just sat there and all I felt was disappointment. 


Today I thought to myself, should I drive out there? I almost didn't because I didn't want to feel disappointed again......
 but I knew deep down I would have felt MORE disappointed if they had started and I didn't drive out there.

Good News!!!!!!
(Front view)

They were working away as hard as can be!!!!

(back view)
**Look at all those hard workers in my house!!!!!**

I am hoping tomorrow they have the crane to mount the roof on top of the house.  I will update accordingly!


New Build Noob said...

Yaay!! I was going to send you a picture of it this morning to surprise you but you've already beat me to it! LOL Congrats!!!!

The Bukers said...

Thanks!!!! It is so exciting!!! I think we are going to eat at the chefs table tonight for our anniversary and then drive over to take more photos. There was too many people there today, I couldn't get out and walk around!