Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Knock, knock.... DELIVERY!!!

I can't believe how quickly this process is speeeeeding up! 

All my complaining about losing patients, and now if you blink you might miss something!!!

This morning they delivered our cinder blocks and concrete, and trust me, they don't waste any time!  If I didn't mention before, allow me to remind you.... They started two other houses at the same time as mine.  We all got our cinder block delivery today.....  So with that being said, my neighbors got walls today, and I will be first thing tomorrow morning!

A view from the rear!  Check out that big back end!! I can't wait to grill and entertain on that porch!

The glue to hold everything together!

Overall, no complaints thus far!

1 comment:

Sgt.Rich said...

tell me about it! Miss a day and you may miss a huge leap in progress!